Rotating Cameras and Moving Forward

One thing I stumbled across in many games, where you can rotate the camera freely, is how “move forward”, is handled respective to the given camera and scene. Sometimes you push the “up” button (on whatever device you are) and end up moving the game’s character you are in charge for navigating through life to the left or to the right.

This is a problem which also occured to me when working on the controls of TheRPG and I have found a nice way of solving this issue.

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Upcoming Series: TheRPG

I am currently working on getting along with Unity and also playing Dragon Quest VII (the 3DS remake of the PS1 Game “Dragon Warrior VII”), I decided I should create a classic RPG. Nothing too innovative and rather basic, just like the ones I created quite some time ago in the RPG Maker 2000/2003/XP/VX (sweet sweet memories of sitting infront of my computer the whole summer). So, why not share some of the stuff I did? As I am wildly uncreative finding names, I’d just call this project “TheRPG”.

So in the future you will find some of the stuff I implemented into the game concerning all kinds of mechanics you’d need for a RPG – player and camera movement, NPCs, menus, combat, map properties, interactability and so on and so forth. I’ll keep this post updated so the posts will be easier to find.