Hi! Thanks for your interest in my blog and my person, much obliged. My name is Roman, I study computer science at the University of Konstanz, Germany, and echo’d my first “hello world” in 1991. So, by the time I am writing this, I am 25 years old.

Coding is also kind of my hobby. I really love what I do. Web development, small scripts, here and there some nifty little program. Endless possibilities.

Beside my more study-related activities, I also like to play acoustic guitar and bass (GS-AXE-2, go look that beauty up) and am generally interest in music. Specifically, my taste in music lies somewhere in the rock-punk-grunge-heavy spectrum. Bands like Tool, Blink-182 or the german bands Die Ärzte and, of course, Rammstein.

I also have always been a fan of gaming since I got my older brother’s GameBoy as a birthday gift when I was… young. I am not particularly fond of those cash-grabbing mobile games flooding the appstore, nor am I enjoying those annually released Shooters and sport games… it’s just not my thing. But besides those, I am open to everything – from point-and-click (Monkey Island, Deponia series) to RPGs (Souls Series, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest,…) to Actiongames (SO many): as long as they appeal to me on any level (game design/mechanics, story/lore, graphics…).

That’s it pretty much about me! Thanks for your attention, be sure to bookmark my blog and feel free to leave a comment somewhere… (^.^)b