… followed by Chester.

Chris Cornell’s passing was pretty sad. And now Chester hanging himself (like Chris) on Chris’ birthday is pretty rough.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely mean what I said but still:

Like most people my age, I did not like the most of the stuff Linkin Park did after Meteora but enjoyed their music since I was a kid. I was listening to pretty much nothing else and they kind of introduced me to “heavier” music (or at least what you consider heavy when you are young and pure). Sure, Chester is not alone in Linkin Park, but his voice pretty much played a major role for why I love their music so much. I really loved that… you know what I mean. Everyone does.

Linkin Park is and was always about “I scream, my feelings hurt so much, I scream”-stuff, but now that Chester’s dead, it’s really heartbreaking to hear him sing about dying and “when my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done” (like seriously, Leave out all the Rest is making my chest ache).

Go ahead and listen to the song below. It’s just so damn perfect… and sad both of them are no more.

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