Parse Strings from a JSON and create Objects

Friends and I are about to get started in entrepreneurial things. Our customer has a large database of products (mostly beverages) which are mainly just stored as Name:Description pairs. One of our duties is to actually draw as much information as possible from the given descriptions and save them as csv or whatever-table.

Now, doing this by hand is kind of tedious because there are about 2200 products to check. This would take quite a while to do manually, so I sat down and wrote a tiny parser for that!

After specifying a dictionary in form of JSON and defining some classes, the program is able to parse a string to an object, which then can be used for whatever usage there is. Nifty, as this really can save quite some time and is easy to maintain for even non-programmers (“program it for your customer and he is happy for a day, but teach your customer to fill a JSON and he’ll make himself happy. All day, every day.”).

Full code and detailed documentation is as always available at this github repository!

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