Upcoming Series: TheRPG

I am currently working on getting along with Unity and also playing Dragon Quest VII (the 3DS remake of the PS1 Game “Dragon Warrior VII”), I decided I should create a classic RPG. Nothing too innovative and rather basic, just like the ones I created quite some time ago in the RPG Maker 2000/2003/XP/VX (sweet sweet memories of sitting infront of my computer the whole summer). So, why not share some of the stuff I did? As I am wildly uncreative finding names, I’d just call this project “TheRPG”.

So in the future you will find some of the stuff I implemented into the game concerning all kinds of mechanics you’d need for a RPG – player and camera movement, NPCs, menus, combat, map properties, interactability and so on and so forth. I’ll keep this post updated so the posts will be easier to find.

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